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My ADHD Centre operates from a brand new premises, only 5 minutes walk from Bondi Junction Train Station. You can ring or email to make your appointment.  We are a team of highly skilled psychiatrists with a wide area of expertise and specialise in ADHD

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The Sydney International ADHD Centre works together with Evermind to provide:


Psychiatric assessment for adult patients (16 and over) for diagnosis, diagnostic clarification, and second opinion regarding diagnosis, treatment, and management. Evermind's services...


Telepsychiatry is a field of Telehealth that can be defined as: 'consultation between a patient and a psychiatrist conducted by video-conference' (Royal Australian and New Zeeland College...

Treatment Resistance

You may be one of the patients who do not respond to treatments that are effective for 70-80% of the cases. This may be due to problems at the brain receptors (where the drug is supposed...

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Clients are seen individually, face-to-face or via telepsychiatry, for clinical assessments and tailor-made treatments and management plans.

We also provide medical reports within 15 days (civil matters, workers’ compensation claims, etc.). Our Doctors are available for telepsychiatry for rural and remote areas. He also provides conceptualisation, development, implementation and monitoring of mental health programs.